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Ez Cheque

What is Ez-Cheque?

The Cheque Printing software is specially created for the fast growing companies i.e. (User don't have to enter any data twice this helps the user to work faster with less stress),cheque reports can be exported in Excel Format

Getting started ...

This form is designed specially to make the format of the cheque entries. Cheque's which are been given by the company. Once the user has to decide about the details like cheque, pay, amount, rupees & other details. These will avoid manual entries on the cheque's.

Details regarding party ..

For keeping a track of party's, once the user has to fill-in the details such as name, address, phone no, email, pan no, So that user can easily make regular follow-ups to the party & be in touch with them.

Cheque customization ...
  • Name of the bank.
  • Cheque height and cheque width.
  • PDC Alerts
  • Automatic creation of PDC Cheque
  • Keeping track of all cancelled and PDC Cheques